What is Covered after the Hailstorm?

What is Covered after the Hailstorm?

Written By: | Published On: 22nd August 2013

After the hailstorm that moved through the Twin Cities area on August 7, hundreds of people in the area were facing downed trees, roof damaged, and damaged vehicles. Now they are hoping their insurance companies will take care of all of the repairs.

During the storm, more than 70,000 people lost power at some point. Most of the individuals were centered in the Edina, Eden Prairie, St. Louis Park, and Bloomington areas. By Wednesday evening, the power was back on to all but a few thousand customers. Traffic signals were also dark as motorists drove as carefully as they could through intersections.

The hail that pummeled these communities had balls of ice up to 2 inches in diameter. This left dented hoods and cars with shattered windows. Car dealerships reported that there were hundreds of damaged cars sitting on their lots.

State authorities issued guidelines and safety tips for homeowners and business owners working to clean up the mess and repair their property. They advised contacting the insurance company before hiring Minnesota storm damage contractors and taking photos to document the damage.

One St. Louis Park resident did exactly as was suggested after he discovered that two massive trees in his yard were uprooted and smashed his garage, ripping his deck apart and damaging a corner of his house.

The man said he was sitting in a bay window in the front of the home watching trees blow. He said he suddenly heard an explosion and saw his deck 8 feet off of the ground.

He said he contacted his insurance company and then photographed the damage. The insurance company then told him he could remove the trees from his yard. It is expected that his homeowners insurance company will cover the storm damage.

Standard homeowners insurance usually covers most of the losses from hail or a windstorm. However there are many policies with deductibles. The coverage will most likely cover replacement costs for the damaged portion of the home, including upgrades that are required by local codes when that damage repair occurs.

Most contracts also cover debris removal. This coverage is typically provided in addition to the policy limit restriction that applies to the damage repair of a garage or home.

In this storm, very few were able to escape unscathed and that has caused insurance companies to be rather busy and contractors have been working to repair the damage.